Kook-e-King Supports Sweet Martha’s Success

In only 12 days during the Minnesota State Fair, Sweet Martha's Cookie Jar generates more than $2.4 million, according to this report by CBS News. Martha Rossini Olson and her partners opened their state fair booth selling chocolate chip cookies in 1979, and today their booth is arguably the highest grossing state fair booth in the country. Sold hot by the buckets full, the popular state fair cookies are one of the biggest attractions at the fair. Twelve ovens bake 2,000 cookies a minute.

Take a look behind the scenes, and you'll notice another key to success: the Kook-e-King Automatic depositor. Producing this many cookies this quickly requires the production efficiency, accuracy, and ease-of-use only Kook-e-King can provide.

Check out Kook-e-King behind the scenes on CBS News!

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