Kook-e-King backs major state fair bakeries

Kook-e-King depositors are behind the high-volume production of two of the largest state fair bakeries-Sweet Martha's Cookie Jar at the Minnesota State Fair and the Wisconsin Baker's Association's Original Cream Puff Bakery at the Wisconsin State Fair. Chocolate chip cookies and cream puffs are the "must have" food items of their respective fairs.

Both bakeries have been part of their state fairs for decades, and have grown to become high-volume production workforces. Sweet Martha's employs more than 400 people at fair time, producing more than 1 million cookies a day and amassing more than $2 million in sales during the duration of the fair.

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During the 2015 Wisconsin State Fair, Team Cream Puff sold an average of 36,000 Original Cream Puffs per day through three locations, an early-morning drive through, corporate delivery system and special event catering. The bakery, which also sells Blue Ribbon Brownies and Giant Chocolate Chip cookies, generated nearly $1.25 million in 11 days of operation this year.

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